About Michael Angelo

Hello! I’m Michael Angelo, and my journey into photography is one fueled by an enduring love for capturing the world in its myriad forms. My fascination with photography began in the echoes of my childhood, inspired by the countless photographs taken by my father. These images, frozen in time yet teeming with life, whispered to me of the power of photography to preserve moments and tell stories.
Starting with a simple disposable camera, I embarked on a quest to explore the world through its lens. This quest saw me transition to a small digital camera, and over the years, evolve into the intricate camera setup that has become both my artist’s palette and my companion. Today, photography is not just my passion; it is my life’s work and my full-time job.


The mission of Photography by Michael Angelo is to provide clients and viewers with an unparalleled visual experience. Through my lens, I strive to capture the beauty of the world in all its forms, from the grandeur of landscapes to the subtlety of everyday life. My commitment is to excellence, not just in the quality of my photographs but in the service I provide to each client. Whether it’s a wedding, a portrait session, or a commercial shoot, my goal is to work closely with clients to bring their visions to life, ensuring that each photograph not only meets but exceeds their expectations.


My vision is to create imagery that transcends the ordinary, capturing not just images, but the essence of moments, the purity of emotion, and the narrative of life itself. I aim to push the boundaries of traditional photography, blending creativity with technical skill to produce works that are not only visually stunning but also emotionally resonant. In every shot, I seek to bring forth the unseen beauty of the ordinary, turning fleeting moments into eternal treasures.